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Posted by dalaspalopstv on April 2, 2019 at 3:15 PM
INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN WE ARE MOZAMBIQUE The Smile of Hope is a charity association based in Manchester / UK in Collaboration with different communities organisation in the UK and around the world are working together to support the crisis going on in Mozambique, where the communities there are desperate for help. So far more than 750 people have been confirmed dead, 1.8 million people are affected, sadly this includes families and children by this natural disaster that damage cities and villages in Mozambique. The Smile of Hope members and supporter will fly out to Mozambique as soon as possible to support the people on the ground and collect information about the current situation. This is a International Campaign to stand in solidarity with our people, that's why we are calling everybody around the world to take action by donate food, medicines, clothes and any other items needed to support communities currently in hardship. In order to do this, we desperately need also to raise funds and collect essential items to take with us in our next trip to distribute in the cities and village the been affected by this natural disaster. If you would like to make a monetary donation you can do through this link : For more information contact: Maria Luisa: +447538 791331 - - Alfa Kuabo: +447780075693 - - Sonia: +44 7429 609882 - - Leila Sabino: +447591 575032. Video in Ingles link: Video in Portugues: Facebook Page:

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